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Autumn is not possible without SC Ašais being in Saaremaa

The most anticipated event of autumn is here! On the Estonian island of Saaremaa SC Ašais has once again made the journey to compete for the 7th time in this magical 3 day race. The first race day was very promising. In the youth 2km distance Roberts Glazers 3rd from all runners and 1st. Stella Paltiņa 2nd, losing just 0,4 seconds. Fourth in the P11 age group is Ričards Špacs, however Roberts Cercins 6th. In the girls T14 age group Elza Niklase and Renāte Beļājeva fighting for the pedestal. In the main race, running with fast men, Artis Rožkalns finishes the 10km distance in 34:08 - 15th place. Afterwards a yourney to furthest point of the island. Photos of the first race day - here!

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Stirnu Buks 2019 has concluded

Another year of participating in Stirnu Buks has passed! Final race occured in Ozolkalns. This track was very hard. The toughest runners were able to test themseves, and the weaker ones could hope that they make it to the finish line. Almost all members set off in this race, apart from Rihards Serģis, who is fighting his running battles in the USA. In Ozolklans race there were three pedestals fro SC Ašais runners - Victorious in overall ranking, and in U20 age group was Artis Rožkalns, another victory for Roberts Glazers and 4th place in overall ranking, however silver for Stella Paltiņa! This time no pedestal for Renāte Beļājeva and the weakest year for her overall (7th place). Something did'nt work the way expected. Furthermore in the olimpic 6 is Roberts Cercins in the U14 age group (6th place) and Elza Niklase in the U16 age group (6th place).

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Rihards Serģis is back in America and running

As usual, autumn is the time the when teams of USA colleges start their rivalry in various cross races. The oldest Ašais member Rihards Serģis has returned to the USA to continue his studies in Colby college and to continue representing his college in many different competitions. On september 27th happened Emporia State Invitational cross competition. As Rihards informs, his back problems have declined. In total ranking Rihards had completed 8km cross in 30:36,20 minutes being 32nd from 76 competitors. Rihards was the second fastest from his team, but victorious was his teammate from Kenya. There is some work until Rihards' great physical form, because his PR in this distance in 27:39,60. If his health will alow it, PR will fall. Season is just starting, we have high hopes!

Bronze around his neck

As we previously mentioned, Artis has been running like a cheetah, despite lots of base trainings and he showed his speed and endurance representing Vidzemes Technology and design technical school in AMI sports games. With two gold medals in our distances - 1500m and 400m -, this time bronze  in the AMI sports games cross competition. The outcome could have been different, because the lack of rivalry prohibited Artis from reaching his full potential. Artis without a sweat was first in his heat, but in other heats there were faster runners, who could've made Artis fight even harder for the pedestal. Seven seconds to silver and over 10 seconds to gold in the 3k cross. Anyhow - September has been excellent and October is going to be just as good if not better! 

Artis Rožkalns sprints in Cesis highschool competition

Despite the fact that Ašais runners are saving up energy in order to performe excellently in the winter season, there are some "test" competitions in the off season period, and Artis Rožkalns has been participating in these a bit more than others. This time Artis Rožkalns tested his limits in Cesis region highschool athletics competition. Despite the fact, that lately workouts have been about building base, Artis performed excellently in the 400m distance being the absolute champion and coming very close to his PR.  But this isn't all - on thursday Artis will compete in the AMI cross championship, in which he will be able to show his base in the 3000m distance.

Artis Rožkalns the champion of AMI

Whats is AMI? Latvian Republic Profesional education sports club , which organizes competitions in Latvia for the professional schools. Because Artis Rožkalns spends his educative days in Vidzemes Technology and Design technical school, he went to defend his schools' honor in republics" competition. His victory unchallenged. Congratulations!

The story of Czechia

Almost a week had passed in the Czech republic for our fast runners. What was the scale of the event? 19 EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. In the three days of the event there lots of new adventures and experiences. The capital was also explored thorougly. Opening ceremony ended of course with fireworks. On the first race day, two Ašais runners set off in the stadium - Renāte Beļājeva in the 60m sprint and Ričards Špacs in the 800m distance. It's important to mention that our main distance is 800m, that is why the 60m sprint was just as prophylaxis for Renāte. 800m wasn't available for athletes born in 2004. Renātes' result as always on a great level.

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European Kids Athletics Games - Open!

The evening of september 9th was very special. In the stadium of Brno many hundreds of athletes had come to participate in European Kids Athletics Games opening ceremony. The new athletes from Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, Ungaria, Latvia and other countries walked in the ceremonial parade holding their clubs' or schools' flagstone. SC Ašais was one of the clubs to participate! The whole evening was an athletics fiesta! The main event is awaits ahead - the competition. On tuesday and wednesday Ašais runners will compete with tens of peers in their disciplines! More stories will follow soon! Photos - here!

Beautiful scenes of Prague and Brno - We have arrived in the Czech Republic

SC Ašais runners have arrived a few days early in the Czech Republic to take the paths of tourists and see new places and have a good time together. Furthermore tonight will be the official  opening of european Kids athletics games, which will continue for the next two days - tuesday and wednesday respectively. About that in the next story from Czechia. Some scenes from - here!

2018. /2019.  season is the 11th season of SC Ašais! On 12th December we will be celebrating club's 10 year birthday! What is sports club AŠAIS? It is one big sports family with many different personalities, but it is believed to have one big collective and personal goal - to be better both in sport and in life. And the pursuit of the great goals is one that brings us together everyday - in training sessions, races, jokes, laughs and all the good things that happen to us!

Medals' counter

 In total103 medals
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 Roberts Glazers
Stella Paltiņa

 4832 23 
 In total 103medals 
 4444 22 
  In total110   medals
 44 26 18
  In total 88 medals
 3018 15
 In total63 medals
 600 medal wonRoberts Aleksis Glazers 
 700 medal wonRenāte Beļajeva
 800 medal won Roberts Aleksis Glazers 

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