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Maximas' Cup with 2 pedestals

February 10th and actually the whole weekend turned out to be the Olimpics for our athletes! The crazy weekend came to an end with the start our U16 runners winning 2 and 1/2 pedestals. Why 2 and a half? It will be explained shortly, but first - 1000m! For the very first time in her life, Elza Niklase set a foot in the 1000m distance, in which every breath taken was a new adventure in the world of athletics. Fighting fearlessly and winning her heat, Elza "stopped" for 1/2 a second before the pedestal in the two run overall score. An excellent performance also in the mid-distance was for Roberts Glazers being 3rd abong his giant rivals. It's clear that runnning with these giants, that it's work not only with the muscles, but with the mind too!

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Sprinting towards medals in multiatlon race

From one Queens'(athletics) ball to the next, Ašais runners continue pushing their limits in Maximas' youngster multiathlon for U14. To tell the truth, it was more of a sprint multiathlon, but that is nothing ;D. We can sprint too! Idea of the race is quite simple - you had to compete in 60m, 200m sprint and long jump from place. The colossal amout of participants further increased the heat. Very well performed Ričards Špacs, getting 5th both in 60m and 200m sprint of 100 athletes. Long jump from place wrecked a little the overall score, but despite it, Ričards 8th overall. First time competing in multiathlon, Roberts Cercins 29th overall. The very same race for U16 will be in the evening.

Artis' Rožkalns' U20 championship

With the start in Latvian U20 championship in Kuldiga, Ašais athletes continue indoor season 2019. Artis Rožkalns sets his feet on the start line of 800m. In a very high-powered junior competition of 21 athlete. This time 5th with a result of 2:00,39. Result's appropriate for this winter. His PB improved by 4 seconds and he's place higher. For the winter conditions it's alright. Next up from the indoor championships - powerful U16 race. It's going to be fun!

Ričards Špacs - Latvian indoor champion U14!

On February 3rd to the captial traveled the best latvian U14 athletes (born in 2006.-2007.), who proved themselves in selection competitions in their respective regions. We are truly happy, that in his second indoor championship, he managed to be the best among his peers running at a golden speed and earning the fastest middle-distance title, we are talking about none other than Ričrds Dāvis Špacs!!! We are proud and happy for his perseverance and fighting power! Roberts Cercins and Dāvis Mežals got the taste of Latvian championship for the first time. Hopefully their hooked on running even more! Their first time participating - respectivly 11th and 12th of 22 participants. A beautiful weekend! Photos - here!

61+103=45! Year book 2018 closed!

2018 for SC Ašais has had 61 event (the really small ones we don't count) and 103 medals obtained in 2018. There is nothing better than to come to the conclusion that the year has been amazing! Artis Rožkalns explosive season, many many club records, the first convincing SUB2 800m run. Roberts Glazers first excellent 1500m with a golden medal and super-prerecord. Renātes' Beļājevas' flights in 400m on the level of National team candidates. Gothenburg, Suwałki, Saaremaa, Estonia and Lithuania! 8th spring in the mountains! Unforgetable! Years has been very golden, because a new gold pedestal record has been in the history of this club - 45 gold pedestals. The years was finished with a bang! We celebrated the 10th anniversary of SC Ašais in "Pļavas". Thank you, to everyone who helped us have this amazing year! 2019 is right around the corner! We shall see what it has to offer!

The curse of Tartu manege - broken

It seems that the carousel of competitions in 2018, has stopped spinning with Ašais runners participating in Tartu manege. Last few Decembers, whilst participating in these races, we've been in some sort of curse, but now the curse has been broken. Gold and bronze medals are now ours, as well as new PRs, and a new club record. Despite the lack of rivals, which vitaly is needed in 800m for a good result, Artis Rožkalns convincingly won with a new PR/CR and with only 0.03 seconds to "under 2" - 2:00.03! Excellent PR [overall] and a bronze medal running with one year older rivals - Roberts Glazers 800m = 2:12,36!!! A spontaneous descision to let him run with U16 runners resulted in a new PR also for Ričards Špacs - 2:29,41! Also a PR and 5th place in 800m for Renāte Beļājeva. A step closer to a good form and 4th place in U18 for Kārlis Dieviņš. Evening continued positively with the streets of Tartu.  Photos - here!

One decade finished, continuing further

12.12.18 is a very beautiful date. Exactly 10 years ago, on this date, Sports club Ašais obtained registration certificate of the association. We celebrated, looked at the best moments and talked about life. A big thanks to all the guests, who arrived to this celebratory event and didn't mind the long way to Ainaži. We also want to say a big thank you to restaurant Pļavas owners Jānis and Lauris, and to the excellent waitress Džeina and all the parents of out athletes, who believe in their children. Thanks also to everyone, who weren't mentioned! Most importantly, keep this evening, emotions and happiness in your hearts. Photos - here!

In Klaipėda - betweenthe past and the future, with new heights

Ašais runners went went for the first time to the city of Klaipeda to compete in an international athletics competition for youngsters. Latvia's and Lithuania's strongest athletes had come to compete in their respective age groups. An astonishing number of runners in our distances - 30 on average! On the first race day to the start line went Renāte Beļājeva (U16) and Kārlis Dieviņš (U18) to test their limits in the 600m distance. Renāte, in a very cutthroat competition of 35 girls, got 4th place. To bronze medal only -1,5 seconds! Kārlis' return in the world of athletics after ankle fracture and 6 month long "empty" period resulted in a new PR, but still with a humble place in the leaderboard.

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2018. /2019.  season is the 11th season of SC Ašais! On 12th December we will be celebrating club's 10 year birthday! What is sports club AŠAIS? It is one big sports family with many different personalities, but it is believed to have one big collective and personal goal - to be better both in sport and in life. And the pursuit of the great goals is one that brings us together everyday - in training sessions, races, jokes, laughs and all the good things that happen to us!

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